Wal-Mart is one of the most profitable companies in the United States. So, if they are so profitable, why shouldn't they compensate their employees fairly?  Facts are, they have put most of our small town stores out of business and now we are left with the retail giant, Wal-Mart that could care less about the people that works for it.  Click here to download a pdf zip file that contains a contract from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. This is an actual contract that is current and itemizes specific benefits and rights that the workers covered under it enjoy.

Please don't let the corporate giant Wal-Mart deceive you with the "Third Party" brainwashing techniques. They will tell you: "You don't need a 'third party' speaking for you. You can come tell us what you want on your own. Unions are for the weak." (You know what would happen if you told them you want to be fairly compensated without the backing of fellow union brothers and sisters)!

The managers are trained at this. The more we educate ourselves the more we can better ourselves.  Retail giants, such as Wal-Mart, have the best attorneys money can buy. Why should you as a human being and an American Citizen be subject to their control under such brainwashing techniques?  All you have to have is courage; courage to stand up and come together as one group, one voice to bargain with the giant for what is fair and right. 

They will tell you that all the union wants is your money; they won't tell you the union is non-profit! 

They will tell you the union will dictate to you how you should vote; in reality, the union will only educate you and inform you on which candidates support workers rights! Each Local will, from time to time, vote to endorse a labor friendly candidate but the brothers and sisters do not dictate to you whom you should vote for!

They will tell you they will close the store if you organize; do you really think Wal-Mart will close after running all the competition out of business!??

They will tell you "even if you organize, you are not guaranteed a contract"; nothing could be further from the truth. They must, under FEDERAL LAW negotiate with YOU!

They will tell you even if you get a contract, there is no guarantee that you will maintain the level of your compensation and benefits you now have; simply refer to the example contract!

They will tell you "we are one big team"; well, then they shouldn't object if their "team members" get fed up with being under compensated and having their rights violated and organize.

They will tell you "the union wants to 'take over Wal-Mart'; the union is YOU. The union doesn't manage businesses, unions are workers coming together (union) to have a voice in how they are treated in their workplace! Unions don't dictate when there is a sale or when the shelves are restocked!

They won't tell you that you will have a voice in the negotiations of benefits and conditions of your workplace.

If you want fair compensation and you want to stand up for your rights that many of our forefathers have fought and died for, contact us at the address below. We are here to help.