Months ago I wrote the info below highlighted in red.  What I wrote has not only came to pass but has been expanded upon to include what looks like a policy that is used to automatically suspend or terminate any one who turns in an injury!!

What does the company want?  Well, it sure looks like they are trying to discourage accident reporting!  Employees who go to the doctor or emergency room and try to keep the company from having a lost time or recordable by downplaying their injuries are being slapped with suspension and possible termination when they "limp" back to work. 

If you are hurt at work and visit the doctor or emergency room, it's completely up to you if you want to downplay your injuries to help a company that will slap you in the face when you return to work.

Please be advised that we are well on our way to new safety/incident records!  
The safety records upcoming are in part due to our members, but don't let the numbers fool you. 

1.  If you "report" a first aid (of all things) you are given a drug test. Nobody really enjoys a drug test. Thus discouraging workers from reporting first aids.    A record!!! lowest first aids in the mill's history!!!!  Watch and see...........

2.  If you are involved in a near miss you will be given a "counseling" to "reinforce your awareness".  Duh....... This will discourage workers from this so..........A Near Miss record!!!

We all need to watch out for others in regards to safety. If you see someone doing something unsafe.............don't be afraid of offending them by asking them to stop working unsafely. It would be better to offend than see a Union Brother/Sister harmed.  Remember, with all that is going on in our mill (discipline, harassment, etc..) we really need to take time to do our job safely.